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Portable Ultrasonic Automatic Contact Lens Cleaner

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Product Information:
Package Size: 18cm x 4.5cm x 4.5cm
Product Size: 41mm x 87mm
Color: As show ( send random)
Charge: 5V
Power: 0.24W
Battery capacity: 300mA
Capacity: 7ml
Cleaning Time: 3 Minutes

Using Method: 
1. Washing the Liquid cup and the storage cover before and after using it.
2. The nursing liquid should be subject to the liquid watermark, do not pour over-filled, to avoid the cleaning liquid spills liquid cup.
3. Do not rinse the whole product with water to prevent leakage or damage to the machine.
4. If you need to finish the cleaning work early, press the open key again.
5. This product is only used to clean soft contact lenses. 
6. The light is on when the machine is in use. When the machine completes its work, the light goes out. When the machine is low on charge, the light flashes for a while and goes out. The light flashes while charging and the charging completion light is always on.
7. The normal cleaning time of this product is 3 minutes. 
8. The normal charging time of this product is 2 hours, and it can be used continuously for 5 hours after a full charge.

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