Wholesale contact lenses & circle lenses

Do you want to be a part of the exciting business of colored contacts? Coloreyelens love to be at your service.

What we offer for you:
1. 300+ First class colored contacts that include all kinds of color contacts and lenses figures, which are widely used in party, makeup, Halloween and cosplay. Any requirements for colored contact lenses can be considered and designed after we research market.
2. We offers you competitive colored contacts wholesale price for 25 pairs or more.
3. The strong color contacts supply chain that ensures high quality and popular color lenses supply constantly.

What's benefit?
1. High quality colored contact products. All the lenses are FDA approved, CE, ISO certified.
2. Small cost and large income. The colored contact lenses are designed to offer beauty and character for plenty of girls and boys, fashion and useful, totally are the products you shouldn’t miss.
3. Mature supply chain ensures your ample colored lenses, never worry about a supply problem.

Any questions about business, please feel free to contact us!
Email: support@coloreyelens.com