Contact Lenses Nursing Tips

Weicon expert advises you that using Weicon contact lens care solution and correctly caring contact lenses. The steps are as follows:

Wash the contact lens case with a care solution, and pouring half of the care solution into the contact lens case.

After picking up the lens, put the lens onto the palm and drip in a certain amount of care solution.

With another hand'index finger, slightly rub both sides of the lens 15 ~ 20 times.  

Use your fingers to pinch the lens edge and rinse the lens with a care solution.

Put the lens into the lens case, be sure that the lens is completely immersed, fill the care solution until to the lens case edge area, and tighten the box cover. The immersion time should be at least 4 hours.

Next time before wearing contacts, clean them again with a solution.